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Administrivia phase

Today I am going to get Sandy to sign the pink slip (request for the defense - April 2) and then send it to George. Then I have to read the instructions again. Maybe I can do that now. Ok, done. As soon as the pink slip comes back from George I have to make 8 copies of the abstract, one copy of the vita (which means I have to write one) a copy of the committee certification of approved version page, and the title page. OK I can do that in the next week I reckon. Hopefully tomorrow, Saturday.

Now I have to continue my plod through the templates. Yesterday I printed the template sections with all the hidden text so that I can read them off the screen and try to discover what formatting problems will arise when I start importing the chapters into them. On the DissList listserv there is a fun detailed discussion on how to hide page numbers on some of the pages and not on others as required by the grad school. I'm sure in previous days the answer was white-out but since we have to provide an electronic version someone had to go into the heart and soul of Microsoft Word and figure out the real answer. Why not just have page numbers on all the pages? To torture graduating doc students one last time with a random rule to follow? Anyway, the tortured grad students hand out the secrets to the magic of page number hiding on their listserv and I'm glad I'm a member to receive the secret and use it in the very near future.

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