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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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Model observations on my teaching
pinhole camera
Here is a note from one of my models that made my day:

I make the least amount of money working for AIA but it is the MOST FUN and rewarding, and YOU are TRULY such a pleasure and blast to work for and with. And, you are so AWESOME with your students. Aside from getting to learn a little from seeing what the students produce, and listening to what you're teaching, that helps me with my own paintings, I LOVE how you teach them, with positive reinforcement and get them engaged, how they're all working together and, of course, the fun I have modeling for what I see them produce. They're so fortunate for what you're giving them that they're going to take so much more with them than just learning to draw and paint. 

... THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for the opportunity you have given me. It's the least amount of money I make modeling for anyone but, it is truly the most rewarding one I do. I sincerely appreciate that you're part of the GOOD Karma that has come my way, and I don't take it for granted in the least. T.B.