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Life Drawing Layers System in Practice

Syllabus Rethinking Vacation. Had an insight for the anatomy class next term. We will do all the longer drawings on 2 layers, even though we are using traditional media, not digital tools.

To think strategically in layers, even when sketching
To separate blocking in and scumbling stages from the more finished anatomy drawings in order to build strategies for using digital tools in subsequent classes

Printer paper or larger newsprint for scumbling
Pad of Vellum paper same size as printer or newsprint paper
Soft pencils
Maped eraser


Layer one: gesture and big shapes
The first layer will be a quick under drawing on printer paper. That will be the gesture/scumble layer. The purpose of the under layer will be to lay in 1. Proportions 2. Pose and 3. Shapes.

Layer two: More refined and accurate figure drawing
The top layer draw
ing will be on vellum (translucent paper). The purpose of the top drawing is to build on the strengths of the underdrawing and achieve !. Anatomical accuracy 2. Form/volume and 3. Shading/value/color.

Based on my experiences with the fashion drawing students the two layer drawing may well help to build drawing confidence faster than the blocking in method. We shall see!

Summer Semester Week 2
I implemented this activity in both of the Drawing and Anatomy classes.

Student Comments
These comments are students writing to their future professional self about what they are learning today.

Today I learned how to use the skeleton to form the structure of our model's body.  In used to draw by blocking out the form, but using scumbling helped bring out a basic shape that I will later go back in and add to the structure of the character.  Using vellum paper as layers helped have a base later and a more advanced layer above it.  Using the technique of scumbling helped me build the proportions.  - GM

Scumbling is a funny word but using it Really helps when you need a pose.  Structure, you used a lot of it today, Good Choice! though you don't use it much, keep doing it.  Layers in RL really work just the same as Photoshop or other softwares you've picked up.  Invest in vellum and gesture draw more. Get Better with poses.  - JL

Teacher Reflections
The layers life drawing system makes sense to the students, especially those who have drawn a lot with digital tools.
I will continue using this system in every class and closely observe the learning outcomes.
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