honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

Lemon Day Summer 2014

Students learn light logic then take pastel to paper as we darken the room and shine bright spotlights on the table of lemons. Bravo students!

Student comment
Today I learned more about lemons than I ever have. In observational drawing we drew lemons out of chalk pastel. I learned to really love pastel because it's very easy to work with.  By rubbing your finger across the paper it's easy to blend.  Creating chiaroscuro is fairly simple too.  By applying white pastel you can create light and black for shade.  The darker areas are usually the negative space on the page and the lighter is the positive.  I"m looking forward to mastering my skill. - MP

Teacher reflection
By reading this comment I am glad that the attainment of chiaroscuro seems easy for this student but I am also alerted to the misinterpretation of positive and negative space.

Tags: lemon, observational drawing, student work

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