honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

Day for peace and creation

No scurry to get somewhere and write some specific part of a dissertation. Today I can finish my CV in order to get it ready for John M to look at tomorrow. I will listen to what he says about the postcards and a place for me in the work world and go in the directions he indicates. Since our research unit may have to close, I will not have a pillow of job from which to look for another job so I will just start looking and catch up with Jon L on his current thoughts. Knut wants us to apply for a Getty grant and that will be fun. I'd also like to work on the opera. Cracker Jack Kid sent the Eternal Network files to add to EMMA. I don't know what program they are in, but I suspect PageMaker. I'll write a proposal for art history preservation to put them on the web as source materials. Maybe Polycot and I can get paid to do that work.

I should make an image and put it on Boek861's antiwar gallery. That's a good thing to do today. Not antiwar, pro-peace. Peace and creation. To somehow counteract all the stuff on the news that burrows down into minute details of hate and destruction and justifications for war. Peace and creation. Pulling the world together instead of tearing the world apart. I'll make peace and creation stickers today. Maybe I'll carve a peace and creation rubber stamp. Then I ask Bob to unlock the pool and I'll plant more nasturtiums.

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