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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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new ideas
pinhole camera
I haven't blogged by writing in a long time.
Blogging replaced letter writing a while back, but then the reciprical element in a corresepondence is not so direct with blogging and I miss letters.
I also miss my Hermes Rocket typewriter.  It was so cute.
They are for sale on the - guess what - Internet!
This one cost $175.
But I don't need a typewriter when I have an iPad and MacBook Air?
But I've been thinking about mail art and artifacts of mail and writing.
I am an artist and teacher.
I weave images and text into my relations with students, fellow faculty, and staff of the school.
My communication is layered and I'd like to add animation.  I am animated.
But animation is not fun to do for me.
Video is cool.
I wonder about capturing movement as part of a a story/text/illustraion for me?
The typewriter was more of a meditation than the computer is.
The computer is linked to so many distractions.
Sometimes I choose my font to replicate the typewriter's courier and that feels fun and a bit Luddite.
I think that the power of Paper53 app on the iPad is that it can capture more of the meditaion of creating.
Paper53=No layers and simple tools replicating RL (real life, ie traditional media)
I wonder if there are studies of the tools of creation and the psychological benefits on the artists?