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Student Reflections Observational Drawing Wednesday Class Summer 2014

Since I've attended school, my projects are mainly focused on digital arts.  Being a graphic design major, I realize that the field is competitive.  I've had many successful projects in the digital world, but only experimented very little in traditional art.  Before this class I only viewed traditional art to be a hobby of mine; separating the two art styles.  I had this idea in my head that traditional art wouldn't get financial success.

Observational Drawin has taught me so much more than perceptual skills such as: the relationships of objects on a canvas can identify distance, that toned paper is more appealing to the eye and is easier to blend than plain white paper, to not over analyze a drawing and to start from basic shapes, it taught me the beauty of chiaroscuro and the effect of lightness to darkness is more than just a highlight and shadow.

I would say the most important thing to take away from this class is to not be afraid.  Don't be afraid to experiment with different mediums.  Don't be afraid to make mistakes, because that's how you learn. It's OK to work with traditional art and transfer it to digital.  After all, it will make me a more rounded professional. -- Marisol P.

There were various strengths tha I developed over the course of this quarter. My professional vocabulary for the field of observational drawing has definitely taken flight and I can now appear more experienced and proper when analyzing a composition and conversing with other professionals.  Now I can look at a painting and say that it has rhythm because of patterns and repetition, or say that the Gestalt is mysterious or melancholy.  I hve improved my knowledge of the techniques in drawing such as how to draw glass, metal, and texture, which I was clueless about prior to taking this class.  Adding flashed to metal or glass or adding highlights to a lemon will give it that shiny texture and make it look more realistic.  I also expanded my experience with new mediums.  We've worked with dry media such as colored pencils, chalk, and oil pastels.  Some of the wet media included India ink and watercolor paints.  --Aarron G.

Over the whole course I have learned many things, one of the most important things I learned is things like focal point, or positive and negative space.  I will take away from this class using different mediums, not just pencil and paper, also not to just use one to one medium.  I am very proud of what I have done and what I learned in this class.  I feel like my drawings have become more realistic and are better to look at thanks to blocking in objects with clor vs with lines, or using pastels.  I have also learned how to critique others, a valuable skill I will use in the future. --Luis C

Before I took this class I had no idea how to draw glass or metal.  I avoided drawing these still life objects because my finished products never looked realistic.  However, with the techniques I have learned in this class I have never been more successful.  My favorite technique is a flash.  A highlight on a glassy object perfectly shows the light source but adding the flash enhances the object's shiny appearance.  Magnifying and distorting objects, like a spoon for example, that rests inside a glass of water creates a stronger compostion and realistic proportions.  This class has also taught me how to be more efficient in my art work. Blocking in shapes and backgrounds was so new to me. Usually it would take me hours to draw a composition that partially resembled what I observed.  I also branched out into a new dry media such as pastel.  Pastels are fun and beautiful medium to experiment with, especially when it can also be used as a wet medium.  I have never learned as much techniques than in this class.  -- Hannah L.
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