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Painting Lesson One: Surprises in tubes

Painting Lesson for Perry

I’d like to express my thanks by giving you a painting lesson.
Here in fact, is a paint-by-mail lesson.

Materials – you can get them at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s.
Here are the Hobby Lobby links so you can see photos.

Painting Lesson Number One:  Surprises in paint tubes

According to one of the great drawing teachers of all times, Betty Edwards, the 5 perceptual skills of drawing are the perception of:
Edges, positive and negative spaces, dark and light, relationships, and Gestalt.

In this exercise see how many things you learn in each category.

1.     Use 3 pieces of paper.
2.     On each page lightly draw a large, bold outline of one of your Initials, yes, a letter of the alphabet.
3.     Don’t put the letter in the middle of the page.  Put it to one side or the other, try up or down on the page.  If you want to know more about this advice look up “rule of thirds” for photographyJ
4.     Make a light outline of a really fat version of the letter, at least 1.5 – 2.5 inches fat.

Now it’s time to paint and draw around the letter.  It’s time to mess up any part of the page that is outside the letter.  Use any mixture of colors including getting the pastels wet.  Try gooey paint with no water, try runny paint with lots of water.  On dry paper draw with the pastels.  On wet paper draw with the pastels.  On dry paint cover with some pastel marks.  On a pastel part cover it with water. Cover another dry pastel part with thin paint.  Just have fun.

The point of this exercise is to explore what these things will do while you are acting like a little kid.  What colors can you mix?  What if you add white to a color?  What if you add black to a color?  What if you add red to green?  In fact, if possible, it’s good to have a little kid do the same thing with you.  What does a thin layer of paint do?  What does a thin layer on top of a thick layer of a different color?

Watch out!
Don’t get any paint or pastel on the inside of your letter though!
If you get pastel fingerprints in your letter you can clean it up with the eraser.
If you get paint in there you can let it dry then go over it in white.
Do paint or draw right up to the lightly sketched edge of your letter.

After you’ve made a royal mess on all the papers with only the inside of your fat letters showing the original surface of the paper you can stop.  Let everything dry.
Then spray with clear acrylic coat so the pastel will stop being messy.

·      Step back and see if you can see the 5 perceptual skills in your work.
·      Where do you clearly see defined or implied edges, positive and negative spaces, darks and lights, relationships between these things?
·      Finally, what are the different overall feelings (Gestalt) in each page?
·      If you used bright colors the feeling might be happy or festive or frantic.   If you used Halloween colors what is the feeling?

You are welcome to come have this lesson here at my little studio on a weekend afternoon. I already have all the supplies so you don’t need to bring anything.
Observational Drawing class of Summer 2014 following the above instructions.  Only with the addition of India ink and gouache.
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