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Student reflections good and bad!

Hi Class,

Some of you have a good handle on writing your note to your future professional self but others miss the mark and loose points.

The Rubric for the 20 points for the written part of the point sheet is:

10 points — 3 professional terms (underline them)

5 points — 1 paragraph with beginning, middle, and end using the terms in an understandable context

5 points — Final sentence that describes what you learned today to apply to your future career.


Here is an example that I received this week that rates all 20 points.

The class in 106 helped me a lot with work.  Psychic line was a big help with on my animation projects because it gave the characters emotion. Abstract shapes helped with my fantasy projects because I was able to create original buildings and worlds. A lot of doing and redoing was needed to get the right scenes.  While contour and gesture lines helped give my characters their own personality and movements.


Another example of a good reflection inspired by the work of a fellow student.

This email is to inform you of the future use of realistic and distorted art in future games.  I believe that you will find these incredibly useful along with a new skill in your arsenal known as non-objective (or abstract) artwork.  This would work amazingly for rough drafts of landscapes and certain effects that you want to take place in your video games.  You need to focus on making your use of psychic lines almost perfect as this is a major part in getting people interested in your projects and makes your video games that much more desirable.


Here is an example of a paragraph that does not use the vocabulary so earns no points.

I work for Trinity creating a new war game.  I am one of the lead designers.  I just bought my fifth Tesla and a rare white tiger.  Some might say I should be on the cover of GameInformer magazine for the best game of 2020.

Sorry - you rule, but you do not get points for this game of use-your-vocabulary-to-show you know how to apply the concepts of the day’s topics.

+ Plus + it is a fun use of humor and exaggeration

- Minus - it does not have a beginning, middle and end, with the middle section developed by using the daily vocabulary in the context of being an awesome game designer

Note this paragraph assignment is in place of a daily vocabulary quiz, so take it seriously enough to put all the words and use them in a way that shows that you know what they mean.

I look forward to reading your increasingly professional reflections as you build your professional  vocabulary.

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