honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

Post dissertation meeting

I met with Anna at Pacha's for a morning of reflection and basking in NOT editing the diss and then we decided to step into the void left by Dear Abby and Ann advice columnists by creating an advice fashion column for the downsized in a magnanimous effort to spread our collective thrift store expertise. We are writing a few short advice columns by making up questions from women from different downsized employment situations. Today we wrote about a dot.commer who went back to school and just graduated. We'll also have a chef, a divorced woman, a person transferring from high tech to environmental. These are short humorous pieces but also with some stats on social upheavals thrown in. How to gracefully descend the ladder of success with hope of causing a reversal and maybe going back up. It was a very healthy way to play this morning. Then I got my hair cut.

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