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Student Reflections in Life Drawing and Anatomy Week 2

Hi Class,

Some of you have a good handle on writing your comparison but others miss the mark and loose points.

The Rubric for the 20 points for the written part of the point sheet is:

10 points — 3 professional terms (underline them)

5 points — 1 paragraph with beginning, middle, and end

5 points — Final sentence that describes what tool or technique you plan to use in your next drawing based on what you learned from your peers in the class.

Here is an example that I received this week that rates all 20 points.

X is an amazing artist.  I love the way he uses pastels in order to achieve a sense of chiaroscuro to get the level of value and contrast in the way he produces lines and background.  The center image pops out from the the background.  Next week I want to practice with pastels and color along with getting better proportions.

Another example of a good reflection inspired by the work of a fellow student.  This reflection is missing the final sentence.

Today we learned more about anatomy, the bones and ligaments. In my case, I use hard contrasts in dark and light and have good overall proportionsbase on the skeleton.  However, I think that I lack a Gestalt feeling.  In my classmate, X’s drawing you could tell right away his story because he incorporated a dragon in his composition that went with the pose of the model.

A final sentence might be to add:

Next week I will think about a possible story from the first and sketch in background information around the model (such as a dragon) to get a strong Gestalt into my work.

Here is an example of a very incomplete paragraph that did not earn high points.  Can you tell why not?

I could have drawn more detail and remember about the background so the artwork could have more value.

This is what I think:
The sentence has a number of thoughts that can be broken up into different sentences.
TIP: It is key to find the work of one other student and compare your work to their drawing to define a clear direction for your next experiment in life drawing.

+ Plus + this run-on sentence uses 3 terms but not so that we can clearly see what they mean

- Minus - it does not have a beginning, middle and end, with the middle section developed by comparing to another student.

- Minus - it does not have a final sentence that shows a plan for a future drawing.

This low-scoring sentence can be recrafted for more points and I am willing to help students compose your reflections.  Just ask!

I look forward to reading your increasingly professional reflections as you build your professional and anatomical vocabulary.

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