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Link to my mail art dissertation - free download

There have been a number of requests for my dissertation lately.  Here's the link to the free download.

This is an update on my activities sent to Anna Banana in October 2014
You can also buy a copy of the printed book.  The price exactly covers the price of the printing and shipping that LuLu.com charges.  Ruud Janssen is the one who organized this years after the dissertation was approved and I got my doctorate.  After that I learned the hard way that no one wanted to hire a post-middle aged Ph.D. with interdisciplinary education. Whoops!  I'm still paying that student loan back.  Now I'm teaching art in a for-profit Art Institute and I actually love my job.
I'm still doing mail art.  Mostly I send out my postcard paintings. Also I use rubber stamps and stencils. I get inspired to make postcard paintings in response to mail art themes.  I made 50 paintings on the Lord Byron theme but only sent one to the show.  The Lonely Shore (from Byron's Childe Harold) theme was irresistible.  I've been exchanging experimental draiwngs in India ink with Kaz in Japan.
You can see some of the mail art paintings at honoriastarbuck.com.  My most recent series was not mail art inspired but I did send one to a mail artist in Berlin. The theme is young corn.  I went out painting as my husband flew drones over a crop of corn to document its health for a farmer.  I did about 50 "young corn" postcards.
I keep up with a few mail artists on facebook and Ning.
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