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Thank you Henry

Henry Tarin at Big Bertha's Paradise hosted a field trip for my students to style a mannequin with a fully-accessorized look, then take photos to draw from.
Each team started with a different theme and Henry helped make each outfit Wow-worthy!  Here is the class with the resulting photos.  I used the Comic Book app on my iPad to build the Thank You card.

Student Comments

Today I learned that when creating a look you must have a clear concept in mind before you begin to style!  I found it interesting that when styling you really must pay close attention to wht the article of clothing or accessory says to the overall story.  -- Drew B

Today I learned the value of a real world example  It's hard to simply imagine the complexity of clothes in a 3-D space.  - Kit L

Today was a great experience. I learned putting articles of clothing together is a story (Gestalt).  I learned it's OK to be weird and crazy.  I am learning everything is OK.  Seeing the patterns and textures and getting inspired through the drawings was very helpful.  Working in teams and coming to a common ground was all about communication. - Brittany O

Teacher Reflection

Taking the students to a real-word working fashion store helped them to get a real feel for how different textures and combinations of pieces come together to tell a story.  Henry is a master of fashion story-telling and my students all came away with more knowledge than they expected.
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