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Lesson Plan for first day in Anatomy Class

Craative Taxonomy Levels:  Imitation and Transformation

To copy and enlarge to lifesize a skeleton from a sample anatomy for artist textbook
To effectively problem-solve in small teams
To transform a skeleton into a character
To create a short back story for the character

Illustration of a human skeleton
Roll of painter's paper from paint store (35 yards for $10)
Painter's tape
White and black pastel

Show students anatomy book illustrations of standard human proportions
Play video tutorial about drawing proportional skeletons
-- I showed How to draw the Human Figure - Body Construction Tutorial by Jazza on Youtube.com (https://youtu.be/w2fKxNDsXuw)

If possible, have guest judges award points.

Time - One hour


1. Organize students into small teams
-- I suggest as many teams as there is wall space to make the life sized drawings, becuase it's been my experience too many players on each team leads more quickly to distraction.
2. State the challenge to students

  • Cut the roll of paper to size.

  • Use the black and white drawing supplies to create a life sized skeleton.

  • Draw one bone at a time with all players taking part in the drawing

  • Your focus is to create a life sized skeleton with the same proportions as your source illustration.

  • Suggest that they plan their actions before they start drawing.

  • Extra points will be earned by the most proportional skeleton

What happens

I've seen a number of different strategies evolve in the course to doing this activity.  One strategy is that students lay on the paper and trace around a fellow student. The problem with the trace is that it is hampered by student fashion. Another strates is to just start drawing the skull and work down.  One of the more effective strategies is to measure the source material and multiply the major elements, such as head ribcage and pelvis, by the number it takes to enlarge the source material to life size.  The most successful is that students follow the tutorial they have just seen on the video and transform a simplified structure into a proportional shell, then fill in the skeletal details.

Student comments
 We should have taken more time at the beginning.
 We needed a better plan.
 We should have taken the challenge more seriously.

 The tutorial showed us the main measuring points.
 We worked well together as a team.

Transform skeletons into characters
Now you have several life sized drawings of skeletons in the room.  The next step is to let students know that inside every animated character and game character is a skeleton.  that skeleton may be deliberately skewed by the designers to create a certain type of character.  Your new challenge is to take your successful and unsuccessful skeletons and use pastel colors to make a character that is appropriate to your team's skeletal structure.  Also create a short back story for your character.

This new challenge shows students that unique characters have unique structures inside and out.  It also gets them using color in a natural way.  When they are doing straigh life drawing there is a reluctance to use color until later in the term.
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