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Lemon day Spring 2015

Another happy lemon day

It's hard to describe what happens in Lemon Day in Observational Drawing but it's magic.
At the end of lemon day I always try to capture the new confidence and joy in a class picture with the lemons in the background.

The topics of Lemon Day are chiaroscuro, value, light logic, saturated and desaturated color, vertical placement to achieve depth, size relationships, and blocking in with value.
It works as you can see!
I love Lemon Day!

Student Comments

  • The chiaroscuro in the class was amazing. I feel that not just one person got the hang, but all the classmates!  -- JC

  • I loved using the pastels and toned paper today.  It was my first time. -- MC

  • Next time I plan to use the crest shadow better to give the objects shape.  ...also use the reflected light to highten the picture.  I had the most trouble with the dark mid-tones but after playing around with it, I get a better idea.  -- MG

  • In the future I am going to try to emphasize relationships of objects and I want to use chiaroscuro effectively to make strong focal points. -- EJ

Tags: drawing, lemon, observational drawing, student comments, teaching

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