honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

Reverb and Van Gogh

I have the day off. I will go to Pacha's and maybe see Anna. I think it's the week to get my toes painted but I don't have any money so I'm going to skip that today. I'll finish painting the Captain's thank you gondola and send Jesse a check for his birthday. I will be happy to call the margin lady to find out what happens if I have more than 26 appendices, one for each interview. I will be happy to continue the formatting and maybe get another chapter done at the coffee house. I will be happy not to go shopping but instead water my plants. It might be fun to call the UT Press and find out how to submit a manuscript for consideration. Reading the happiness book helps reverb the planning of daily tasks. Then I will be happy to start spring cleaning. I will take the discards to Goodwill, the dry cleaning to Rick's and play in the sunshine. The wildflowers are blooming in Texas and it might be fun to drop by the botanical gardens. Maybe bring some watercolors and check out the iris. I can then use the iris painting to send to the make your own Van Gogh show.

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