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Cell Phone Policy

Cell Phone Policy and Partners

To achieve our drawing class competencies we form an interconnected learning community.  Recent research indicates that multitasking with cell phones causes less empathy amongst peers and less effective learning.

It is key to your success for everyone to agree on a cell phone policy. The policy should promote meaningful drawing insights. You do not want spontaneous interruptions, either by your cell phone use, or by the use of cell phones by others.  To avoid these interruptions you will create, manage, and abide by your class cell phone policy.

Your policy will be monitored by a 5-member peer group, not the teacher.

Here are policies for cell phone that have been considered by previous classes.

1.     No Cell Phones during class at all.  Check your phones only during breaks.
2.     Stop class every X number of minutes to check cell phones.
3.     When one person pulls out their phone the whole class stops and checks their phone.
4.     Other -- Create your own policy here:

Your policy’s rules:

Violators: What happens to violators of the policy? 
Examples: Points lost, warning tickets, leave room, warnings first then phone removed

Monitors:  Select 5 class members who will enforce the cell phone policy. 

No warning: If your policy does not work penalty points are deducted from everyone’s grade.

Music:  Please share your music choices with the group by selecting non-invasive music, preferably instrumental, to add to our playlist to play during drawing periods.

Partners: You will have a different partner each class.  You and your changing partners will build communication skills and professional vocabulary as you expand your drawing skills.
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