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Keanu Reeves and Brian Cranston

Last night we went to our favorite bar, the Tigress.  While we were sitting at the bar watching the movie I am Cuba, a man came up to Knut and said, "Hi Bryan".  Knut said that he wasn't Bryan.  The man said "I thought you were a friend of mine, Bryan Cranston."  We said, "Who?"  He said, "Bryan Cranston, look him up."  Then excused himself for interrupting us and went back to his table.  Of course, we did know who Brian Cranston is but we didn't expect for Knut to be taken for him. So we looked up recent photos of Bryan Cranston and sure enough in some of the photos there is a resemblance to the way Knut looks now and how the non-Breaking Bad Cranston looks with a beard.  So then we looked again at the guy who is a friend of Bryan Cranston and we recognized him as Keanu Reeves.  Later the bartender said he'd bought us a drink.  After our drink Knut went over to his table and thanked him for the drink and our interruptor introduced himself as Carlos and his lady table companion as a director and a thesbian.  What a fun evening.
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