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SXSW Interactive 2016

Reflections on SXSW Interactive 2016
Started out with an Art Installation of projection.
Anima is an experience. A large, floating orb beckons its visitors closer with an array of color-changing ripples that make its smooth surface appear textured, even up close. As a person approaches, the waves become more animated, drawing on the visitor’s energy or running from it. A loud, persistent hum encourages thoughtful silence. The art installation at SXSW Interactive, created by Dutch artist Nick Verstan, tracks people’s positions in the darkened room using a Microsoft Kinect and other motion sensors to manipulate the display. An algorithm powers the images projected into the inflated sphere, ensuring smooth transitions from deep bold blues to metallic purples to fiery oranges. To visit Anima is to meet a nonhuman entity that knows you’re there.
****  Why Art Needs Science: Fashion and Tech's Future *****
Coco Rocha, Kate Parker, Madison Maxey, Piera Gelardi
How can innovations in tech change the way that the fashion industry constructs, creates, and markets clothing? Conversely, how can the arts influence the tech space, especially when it comes to educating future innovators and inspiring more young women to be the makers of tomorrow?
After this session I asked Coco Rocha to give a brief video interview for my fashion drawing students to embrace technology.  And she didJ When I showed the students the videos I followed up by getting them to download Sketchbook onto their phones and draw fashion inspired by food.  The students really enjoyed helping each other figure out ways to use the 3 free layers and create fun garments such as the enchilada jumpsuit with green sauce and the udon noodle soup separates.
Hidden in Plane View: Discovering Low-Fi Magic
Kelli Anderson
Design and Development Track
Using strategies like origami, technology labs are seeking ways to make complex problems tangible—to open then up to physical intuition. We may universally think best when we think with our hands. By physically engaging with abstractions, designers can find surprising possibilities."
Dark times for Dark Patterns: Ethical Alternatives
Neil Dawson and Cristina Vigano
Design and Development Track
Presenters pointed out that business goals can encourage deceiving users. Design solutions alternatives to infamous and common dark patterns are options for designers. Presenters focused on using psychological principles and persuasive design techniques to meet goals through encouragement rather than deception.
Next was an amazing interview of President Obama by Evan Smith.
President Obama called on the tech industry to help solve some of Washington's thorniest problems. The president was funny and smart and got a few laughs.
Queer Style: Visual Activism and Fashion Frontier
Aja Aguirre, Sonny Oram, Anita Dolce Vita, Leon Wu
SXStyle Track
This panel explored queer style as an enigmatic art form that is the new fashion frontier. Also examined queer style as visual activism for positive social change. Professional tips on how to succeed in this growing market using approaches that are effective and culturally competent.
Breaking Beauty: Disruptive Technology and Cosmetics
Adrianna Coppola
SXStyle Track
Technology is smashing 'the beauty myth' by helping to empower women, making beauty more personal and allowing more diverse expressions of beauty in society.
Fair Fashion: Profitability and Sustainability
Laurent Claquin, Cara Smyth, Frank Zambrelli
SXStyle Track
A $2.5T industry, fashion is the 2nd largest user of water and 2nd highest polluter, contributing 10% of carbon emissions. Globally, one in six people work in apparel and women represent 80% of the supply chain. While this scale and global integration propel fashion to a top rank on any impact index, it is its nature of constant reinvention that also becomes its opportunity for rapid reevaluation and transformation. Panel discussed  efforts to revaluate ecosystems,] and promote economic and social well-being with market-based solutions reconciled to the bottom line.
How Virtual Reality will Change Fashion
Kevin Cornish,(film) Ssteven Sebring, (Photography) Anarghya Vardhana (Venture Capital)
SWStyle Track
With the fashion industry survival demands being at the forefront of adopting new technology. VR will have a major impact on the fashion world. Exploring VR branding, virtual retail spaces and immersive e-commerce, experts spanning the topics of VR production, fashion photography and virtual reality venture investments The panel explored VR impact that is coming to the fashion world.
Keynote: Daring Greatly
Dr. Brene Brown
Dr. Brené Brown dispels the cultural myth that vulnerability is weakness and argues that it is, in truth, our most accurate measure of courage.  When we step back and examine our lives, we will find that nothing is as uncomfortable or dangerous as standing on the outside of our lives and wondering what it would be like if we had the courage to show up and let ourselves be seen.
Can Austin rule the AI world?
Amir Husain, Doreen Lorenzo, Akshay Sabhikhi, Manoj Saxena
The panelists were in agreement that the world and Austin have only begun to realize the potential that artificial intelligence offers. Saxena said,  “The real power of machine intelligence is in telling you things you don’t know you don’t know,” he said.
Amir Husain, CEO of Sparkcognition Inc., said for many people, the words “artificial intelligence” arouse feelings of worry about machines replacing or harming humans. “I don’t think people should be worried at all,” Husain said. “If you think about it, you should be worried about other things killing you sooner than AI will kill you.”
SCIWARS: Dark Side Tactics to Fight for Science
Jayde Lovell
Art, Science and Inspiration Track
Calls for need for job of “Science Communicator”
This session draws on the latest case studies to deconstruct the communication tactics of the anti-science lobby. It also arms evidence-based organisations with strategies to positively persuade the public whilst maintaining scientific accuracy and integrity.
What’s buzzing at SXSW Interactive 2016
Hugh Forrest
Director of the conference reflected on the big trends, changes, and surprises, especially President Obama’s visit.
Live Coding with Stephen Wolfram
Stephen Wolfram
Design and Development Track
Live and unscripted: see Stephen Wolfram do a new kind of coding – that's powering a new generation of startups and letting anyone turn ideas into reality with code like never before. Stephen has spent three decades building the technology stack that makes possible the Wolfram Language –which powers Wolfram|Alpha and many other things, and is now freely accessible in the cloud. Expect to see Stephen think in public, creating code and answering requests from the audience.
Interactive Dynamic Design: Fashion and Architecture
Behnaz Farahi
Art, Science and Inspiration Track
Designer, USC/Autodesk
Behnaz Farahi is an architect, and interaction designer, exploring the potential of interactive environments and their relationship to the human body. In particular she is interested in the implementation of emerging technologies in contemporary art/architecture practice. Her goal is to enhance the relationship between human beings and the built environment by implementing design/motion principles inspired by natural systems. Application areas include architecture, fashion and interaction design. She also specializes in additive manufacturing and robotic technologies.
Recent advances in interactive design technologies are changing the way in which we engage with the world around us by influencing our perception, ways of communication, and awareness. This presentation explores the different scales at which our bodies are connected with the environment, ranging from an intimate scale and the world of wearable computing and interactive fashion, through to an architectural scale and the world of ubiquitous computing and interactive spaces through series of interactive projects. The ultimate goal here is to enhance the relationship between users and their surrounding environments by implementing design/motion principles inspired by natural systems.
Augmented Reality without the rose-colored glasses
John Rousseau
Design and Development Track
The very nature of reality is about to change. Augmented reality devices will soon be capable of erasing the line between human perception & digital presentation; rendered against the canvas of my consciousness—borderless, pervasive, ubiquitous interfaces that could alter my view of the world, what it means, & who brings it to me. This is a profound human-centered design challenge, with the potential to impact behavior, society & culture. This talk outlines the ethical imperative of applying outcomes-based thinking to augmented reality and draws from from multiple domains of knowledge, to present a new set of design principles capable of guiding the future of AR design.
Subtle Interfaces: Designing calm tech
Peter Bennett, Verity McIntosh, Chloe Meineck, Tom Metcalfe
Design and Development Track
Some of the world’s best technologies do one thing brilliantly. This panel brings together leading UK creatives and researchers who are developing products and experiences that are calm, slow and often magical. When we let go of trying to be all things to all people, we make space for imaginative interfaces and disruptive ideas.
Bruce Sterling Rant
Traditional end-of-the-conference wrap.
Intelligent Future Track
World traveler, science fiction author, journalist, and future-focused design critic Bruce Sterling spins the globe a few rounds as he wraps up the Interactive Conference with his peculiar view of the state of the world from a global perspective, as one who lives in Turin, Belgrade, and Austin.
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