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SXSWedu 2016 Reflections

SXSWedu 2016
CPE Continuing Professional Education Attendance 4 1-hour workshops I attended offered CPE credits.
Overall SXSW edu was full of dedicated education professionals from all over the states and some international participants. Universally the participants were seriously engaged in improving education from the student perspectives.
I attended 2 sessions on improv techniques. The first session was facilitated by a group who used theatre prompts and improv to address sexual health with teens.  The workshop built trust and communication. The second session was more about group dynamics and icebreaker ideas.  Both sessions were fun and lively.  Both had useful concepts for the classroom.  For example, I can use improv techniques for students to be more aware of the model’s pose and position in space.  I can use the techniques of improv to increase the concept of empathy for a character that the student is developing through drawings.  I can use improv techniques to increase the honesty of critiques.
I attended several gasification sessions.  Most of the sessions were focused on video games in the classroom and how the games intensified student engagement, especially for geeky quiet kids.  The most useful session on games was Jane McGonigal’s keynote called, “Think and Learn like a Futurist” that had the audience of about 500 interacting and playing an online game based on hashtags and cell phones.  This session was useful for techniques to connect students to their own futures. One technique is to do close observation of the present for things that seem out of place and then analyzing them to determine if they are early clues to changes that are already starting and that will grow into meaningful future aspects of our lives.
Personalization was another theme of the conference.  Giving students more authority over their learning is a trend that manifests itself by introducing student themes such as hiphop into the classroom.  The hip hop panel offered student-driven ideas on incorporation freestyle and graffiti into curriculum contexts.  In addition student advisory boards are a trend across schools to ensure learner-focused approaches to learning.  Temple Grandin in her keynote noted that certain types of learners should not be barred from higher levels because of the prerequisites of a course that are not relevant. For example, algebra as a pattern thinker’s area of strength, should not be a prerequisite for biology which is a visual thinker’s area of strength.
Fashion Technologist from Kent State who might have some interesting connections for my fashion drawing classes.
Adobe Tacy who said she’d connect to simple curriculum for color theory.
Anne Kraybill from Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art who has online educational units we can use.
Michael Ellsworth Designer at builtbycivilization.com who facilitates brilliant brainstorming activities!


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