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Looking for Graphic Designer

SXSW artist sketchnotes

Artist (client) will do live sketchnotes in the SXSW edu Conference (March 6-9, 2017) and the SXSWInteractive Conference (March 10-15, 2017).

Artist is seeking designer to process the sketchnote files in a timely manner as they are produced. The task is to process them in Photoshop and upload the processed image files into the artist's Saatchiart.com gallery. The goal is that presenters at the conference can buy prints of the drawings shortly after they present at SXSW.  Saatchiart will do all printing and fulfillment.

-- Artist/Client

Artist produces 1-4 drawings per hour in Paper53 app on iPad Pro.  Artist will share these files in dropbox or google drive for the designer to process.  The first drawing of the day may be ready as early as 11 am. The artist attends presentations all day and afterparties.  So drawings will continue and need processing until 9 pm.

Format of Drawings

Paper 53 app on the iPad pro saves as png file

W: 2732 H: 2048 ~264 ppi

-- Designer

Processing will be the following steps:

1. Open drawing and add enough matching background to make the whole file W: 3000 H: 2400.

2. Save the file as a jpg as required by Saatchiart.com.

Saatchi's print image instructions are at https://support.saatchiart.com/hc/en-us/articles/206523297-What-are-the-image-file-requirements-

3. Upload the file to Saatchiart.com and make it available for sale as a 20 x 16 inch print on canvas and on fine art paper using Artist's ID.

4. Repeat for each drawing.

Artist will promote the sale of these prints throughout the conferences.

Interested graphic designers should find me on FB - honoria starbuck
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