honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

mail art and the fourth dimension

Here's a good quote: mail art and the 4th dimension from Mike Dyar's interview on www.iuoma.org

M.Dyar: My process of making mail art is a ceremonial practice…the making of the envelopes, stationary, pieces to be mailed—this whole methodical process. Another question for you. Can you put that sticker (the one that you sent to me with your question) on a specific place in the fourth dimension?

R.Janssen:Of course. In 1977, when I studied Technical Physics at the University of Eindhoven, I followed the special introduction-course "Special Relativity by Einstein." For me this way of thinking is not that difficult. When I put the two dimensional sticker on an object (three dimensional), and send it to you,it automatically becomes four dimensional. The place the sticker will be varies with the time. And even when the sticker would be at a fixed position on Earth, the Earth itself is moving, etc. This fourth dimension, e.g. the time factor, could be the thing that fascinates me so much about mail art. I make something, and after putting it in the mailbox, I can’t control or alter the mail art anymore.

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