honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

Installation for dissertation defense

My intention for today is to start preparing the lab for the defense on Wednesday. Today I'm bringing to work the big Ryosuke Cohen silhouette of brain cells, the napkins, plates, and purple paper cups I bought, the ribbons to clip the mail art to, and some of the mail art raw data. The usability lab will be aflutter with postcards and mail art. I will blow up the timeline (my dissertation boiled into one page) at the blueprint xerox machine and put the resulting poster on the bulletin board. I may decorate it with glitter glue and rubber stamps so it will look more like mail art.

Chair John told me some of the questions that they will ask. The hard one is about my conclusion that grounded theory and collage are useful methods for analyzing art data. That won't be too hard. Maybe I will make a little outline of a logical connections between collage and grounded theory to appeal to the more traditional members of the committee.

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