Mad with Joy Zen Chicken

Zen chicken calligraphic drawing by Honoria Starbuck

“People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things about us.”   ―  Iris Murdoch 

Zen chicken with floral brain is aware that you are looking it's way with a questioning gaze. Part still life, part calligraphy, part Dada this chicken is bound to confound, this zen chicken is made with India ink, acrylic and watercolor paints. and archival rubber stamp ink. Original drawing on 12x16 inch 140 lb hot pressed watercolor paper.

Zen Chicken drawing/painting/prints are based on serene contemplation and the practice of tai chi combined with odd, eccentric, or humoristic tangents. Viewers are invited to become part of the art as an added component. The artist invites  augmenting the pieces with captions, literary connections, or having a conversation with the chickens. Quiet or laughing meditation with the Zen Chickens is also welcomed. This artwork as insight-entertainment opens manifold layers of potential meaning and referential aesthetics in each Zen Chicken. 

Honoria Starbuck currently lives and works in Austin, Texas in the US where she creates one Zen Chicken a day as part of her daily creative process. 

Prints Available at Saatchi Art.


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