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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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iris watercolor
pinhole camera
watercolor painting of two iris blooms on yellow background

Jacques Perk (1859-1881) Iris: ‘I was begotten by sunbeams hot and a sigh from the surging sea’. The second line was then changed into: ‘and a vaporous sigh of the sea.’
Iris is a poem on the unattainableness of one's beloved. Whenever Iris (the rainbow) wants to kiss Zephyr (the west wind) he disappears. from http://www.kb.nl/kb/100hoogte/hh-en/hh076-en.html

It looks like www.mailartist.com is down so the images links aren't working today.
I installed the mail art in the usability lab and it is very dramatic. The full sized Ryosuke Cohen silhouette is suspended on a tall wall by itself and the bulletin board is rimmed with mail art that is pictured in my dissertation.

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I just wanted to send you my best wishes for your defence--I'm sure it'll go great. I'm going on vacation and don't know when I'll next have net access... so best of luck. Your journey has been amazing to read about and it inspires me every time! Thanks for keeping this journal.

have a grand vacation!
cheers, honoria

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