honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

iris watercolor

watercolor painting of two iris blooms on yellow background

Jacques Perk (1859-1881) Iris: ‘I was begotten by sunbeams hot and a sigh from the surging sea’. The second line was then changed into: ‘and a vaporous sigh of the sea.’
Iris is a poem on the unattainableness of one's beloved. Whenever Iris (the rainbow) wants to kiss Zephyr (the west wind) he disappears. from http://www.kb.nl/kb/100hoogte/hh-en/hh076-en.html

It looks like www.mailartist.com is down so the images links aren't working today.
I installed the mail art in the usability lab and it is very dramatic. The full sized Ryosuke Cohen silhouette is suspended on a tall wall by itself and the bulletin board is rimmed with mail art that is pictured in my dissertation.

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