Picasso Eyes Zen Chicken

12 x 16 inch drawing in black ink on white cold pressed plein air watercolor board
12 x 16 inch drawing in black ink on white cold pressed plein air watercolor board

This is a Zen chicken homage to Picasso's many drawings of figures and their simple yet expressive eyes.  As an educator I am familiar with an art game called Do it yourself Picasso Portraits.  I also recently collected the out of print book, Goodbye Picasso by David Douglas Duncan. 

Cover of Goodbye Picasso book
Cover of Goodbye Picasso book

The front cover features Picasso's eyes looking through a cut out mask of an owl head.  My students are confused by Picasso until they create a Picasso reference without knowing it.  Then I am able to contextualize their "mistake" into an improv art history lesson about creative directions other than video game realism. 

The why of my Zen chicken flock is art history.  I am inspired by the avant garde of various eras, collage, asemic writing, and cave art.  In my creative process unexpected, unexplained contrasts are positioned as harmonies. 

The drawing measures 12 x 16 inches and is acryl-ink on watercolor board  Canson Plein Air Watercolor Artboards are rigid, acid-free, 2 ply (1.5 mm) boards that have been laminated to 129 lb (190 gsm) cold press Canson paper. The drawing is signed by the artist with a vermilion and white signature chop on the front, and with full name and date on the back. Ships mounted in an archival mat ready to pop into a 16 x 20 inch frame style of your choice.

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