Pedagogy in Technology

I finally found a visually-interesting, well-constructed Canvas Tutorial.

Where? you ask...
Here!  It may be behind an education login wall.  I don't know.


I've looked at so many word-jammed tutorials that when I found this with its pages of white space to rest your eyes and inviting visual buttons it made me so happy.  The tutorial still didn't give instructions on HOW to do image links on pages but hey - that's just the next step and it's gotta be just HTML stuff right?  Maybe there's a control K shortcut.  That's the next step in my Canvas sandbox. I learned a lot.

Are the 5 E's another scaffold I should include?


AND I found some podcasters who will mentor the Ped-in-Tech first project podcast. One has been in radio for years and one has a web dev company.  Yay! Mentors! They work together to produce podcasts and facebook live events. 


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