Students: Online Etiquette

I’m going to ask students to develop their class’ online etiquette guidelines for their best educational outcomes.


To create an environment for learning that is optimized for our class.

To select proven best practices to encourage meaningful critical thinking and communication in our class.



Research Synchronous (Zoom) interaction best practices.

Research Asynchronous (Canvas) learning best practices.

Pick your 2 best practices in each category and post them to Synchronous Guidelines Discussion and Asynchronous Guidelines Discussion. Include the URL of where you found each best practice.

Yes! You can create your own best practice.

We will vote on which best practices to adopt for the semester.  

If a best practice we implement is not working for our learning community we can vote to change it.


Students will adopt or change their agreed upon etiquette.

Students will evaluate and possibly tweak each guideline after it has been implemented and tested as a formative evaluation.

Students will evaluate the guidelines effectiveness at end of the semester for summative evaluation in relation to their learning experience.


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