honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

Let the formatting begin.

The computer seems to have recovered from its seriously worrying glitches of the weekend. Yikes, that was scary. Now I have to do the formatting in earnest. I will start immediately with DeLayne's line edits. I am reading books on turning theses into books and it looks like a pain. Oh well, first I will turn some of the diss into articles. I think publishing is the next thing on my plate. We had a wonderful visit with George and Kay at Dove Point yesterday and I got the last line of the diss approval page signed. Hurray. Writing in the morning has just become listmaking. It used to be thinking out loud in text. Brainstorming in the early morning light. I still am brainstorming with ideas from and for my personal coach John instead of the chair of my committee John. Progress.

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