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Mid-Term presentation as Professional Development April 19th, 18:36

Professional Development Mid-Term Presentation: “Tell me about your work.”  

Objective: As a professional in your creative career you will be called upon time and time again to talk about your work.  Your midterm project is to show 3 examples of your best drawing and talk about your work to a fellow student who is role-playing an employer.  

You will work in pairs to show your work to a fellow student as if that student is a potential employer looking at your portfolio.    Your partner will ask, “Tell me about your work.”  Y

ou will answer in a well-crafted 1-paragraph reply explaining your personal interests and the strengths of your work.  You will turn in a printed version of your 1-paragraph response.  These starter ideas are from a book that I recommend. Art-Write by V.K. Amorose.  

1. Begin by introducing yourself with your full name and and your program of study.  

2. To create your reply, brainstorm your ideas by using these starters. Fill in the blanks to think more deeply about your unique approach to what you are presenting to a potential employer.  

I find inspiration  ___________

  _________________ is at the center of my art.  

My work is a combination of ______________ and ______________.  

I make connections between ____________ and _____________.  

I was thinking about ___________ and I created _____________.  

I value __________  

My process ________  

I am intrigued by __________  

My observation of ______  

My vision _________  

Reflect the way of ___________  

Brings focus to _____________  

The question I ask myself _______________  

Do not use all these starters, just the ones that fit with your personal approach to drawing.  

3. Here are some terms that may help you compose a professionally-sounding dynamic short discussion of your work.( Read more... )   

4. Write a rough draft and practice reading it to your partner.   

5. Use your partner’s feedback to craft a smooth-sounding, professional paragraph to use in your mid-term presentation.

Teacher Reflections:

This is the format of the presentation: 

  • Student/artist puts work on display, in our case with magnets on the whiteboard.
  • Student interviewer pretends to by a representative of a company that the artist student wants to work for.  The interviewer greets the artist/student and introduces herself.  They shake hands.  The interviewer asks the student, “Please tell me about your work.”
  • The artist student tells the prospective employer about the drawings.

I have never seen such a change in student communication skills and seriousness of approach.  this improv idea from SXSW edu engages the students in pretending, acting, and role playing.  The quality of the presentations went up across the board.  Students were more comfortable in front of the audience.  The content of the presentation was more natural and more focused using this technique.  

This assignment promotes the 21st century skills of communication and collaboration.


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