10/2 Meeting: AET Teachers Reflect Experiential Learning Model

Presentation Slides


Teacher View

We've looked at the student experience of experiential learning and seen awe inspiring projects from experiential team teaching J.E. and Karen. Now we shift to what happens when the teacher experiences experiential learning as well as delivers it to students.

 Our experiential learning is learning by teaching.

  • Authentic Teaching Experience
    Each experiential project can be a module of content delivered and assessed with a live audience of students.
  • Teacher Reflects
    How did that class go? What could I have done more effectively? What kinds of questions did the students ask?  Were students engaged? Active chat?  Cameras on or off? Audio? Did you ask your TA for observations? Did students submit follow up questions or comments? If you wondered if you should change something did you research new ideas? 
  • If something went particularly well, do you know you can add it to the AET Activities Library by contacting Honoria?
  • Apply Changes to Teaching
    Based on your reflection, are you going to change anything?
    Are you going to try any experiments?
  • Product = Teaching
    Our product is a module, assessment technique, a video, a tutorial for students, or shared information with colleagues — like today!
  • Self-Directed
    Our department welcomes innovation. Isn't that marvelous?


Reflection and Experimentation Activity


In your breakout rooms reflect on the first month of our Fall 2020 semester.

Did you experience a highly successful moment or a moment of surprise?

Based on the success or surprise did you change something in your teaching?

  • What did you change? 
  • What was the impact of your change on teaching quality or effectiveness? 
  • How do you gauge the effect on the students?

Reflection and Experimentation are hallmarks of Experiential Learning.


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