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Good Girl Reform School week 2

There was an offer that if you purchased a 21 dollar book you could attend 4 weeks of Good Girl Reform School with Kasia Urbaniak, so I did.
this is the homework for week 2:

If I were a powerful art goddess I would have some Gertrude Steins surrounding me along with some other influencers that would select the strongest elements of my work to interpret to the curators and tastemakers of the world. I would find myself in collections with my heros and my artworks would chat with their inspirations who would in turn respect their originality. Once done with "modern art" we would venture back into prehistoric caves to learn the secrets of the first known artists. I would also make sure that the women creators from the very beginning of historical record be recognized for their creative power. Then I would attend the Bauhaus for the whole of the curriculum and use my goddess powers to recognize the genius of the women there and finally I would have a lovely drunken luncheon with Sonya Delauney and spend kthe afternoon making art with her and having an informal collaboration that would end up as wearable art. We would drive off in the hand painted Delauney convertable and go to the beach.

Tags: artist, goddess, urbaniak

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