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Outsider Artist Kay C. Bridge

Talked to Mary about Lori doing a Kay show and book. Yay!

To Lori
I had a nice talk with Mary yesterday and I encouraged her to think about selling some of the paintings if a collector wandered in —  as a path to getting her work in museums.
Kay was interested in Carl Hammer in Chicago (and I think London) who specializes in Outsider Art. I think her work would be really fabulous at Crystal Bridges. I know a curator in Miami, but mostly for more modern art. I think we should send out save the date invitations to curators for the show and maybe an ad or article (or both) in Raw Vision, Outsider Art publication. Raw Vision might be a source to contact collectors too.
Suggestion - while you are going back through the paintings, if you hear Kay’s voice telling you about them, please capture that. Maybe just record your thoughts on your phone. Memories will seem really fresh and that might seed some insights to go into the book.  I think it will be important to acknowledge Kay’s source materials when possible since she loved to quote art history Giacometti’s walking man, Matisse’s windows, Philip Guston’s KKK and lightbulb, ancient Egypt, Medieval paintings. What a brilliant weaver of stories and paint. When Kay passed I collected as many of her writings as I could and they are ALL on the blog. Kaybridgeart.tumblr.com.
When Kay talked to me about art it was disembodied from seeing the paintings. I rarely saw her work but you were right there as they happened so whatever direct memories you have as you resee the work might be golden.
So glad the photos are useful for this great project.
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