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dragged and dropped

I went to a lecture by Leo Steinberg who just gave, maybe sold, a bunch of prints to the Blanton. It was a fun talk, but the reception was really interesting. Ran into Madeline and her student Ann. Madeline was a hoot as ever and it was good to be hanging with artists again. We developed a temporary travelling companion named Peter Rubens who does frescoes around the south. One conversationalist called us the Madelini. I made several pages of doodle notes for Steinberg's talk. It was a very good art history talk in the tradition of patriarchal men talking about men artists and taking one-ups-manship digs at dead men critics. I also got inspired to send off a couple of pages of the RRN part of my diss and a title called the Correspondence Art Network: Dragged and dropped into the information age. That's too long but it can be a tag line. Now I'm up to page 166 on the formatting.

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