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Goals achieved :
- I finished content formatting all 8 chapters. The document shrunk down to 217 pages due to template format definitions.
- I tested out reference-building with End Note and it worked, but individual references will need fine tuning.
- Also tested out the auto-Word Table of Contents and it kind-of worked. I'll have to read more instructions to get the illustrations separated from the various levels of headings. That will be after the appendix full of interviews is done and the middle section and the back section have been merged.
- Appendix formatting is the next step.

Last night I was sick but today I feel fine again.
I finished reading P.D. James most recent, death in the holy orders.
Enjoyed pozole with Sarah, Maida, Brian and Knut. Sandy is in NY.
Knut's nasturzi are thinking hard about blooming. The orange tinge of one blossom is straining to emerge from the sepals. Oh joy.

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