honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,


- Sent out 30 graduation announcements but had to order more to accommodate Mom's list
- Combined all three parts of the dissertation for a total 498 pages
- Ran End Note with no problem to create APA formatted reference list
- Used "ref" format from templates to do the text formatting the references list
- Ran the three required kinds of Word Table of Contents (the table of contents, the illustrations list, and the tables list)
- All saved on the tiny jump drive
Next steps - to go to a place with access to Adobe Acrobat to create a PDF file, then burn the CD and turn it all in.

Knut has a lovely crop of nasturtiums blooming in a full range of colors decorating his front yard. I am going to make some watercolor ATCs to mark these wonderful days of growth and success.

When I am through with the administrivia of this research I will be able to reflect on the big changes in mailart that I've observed, but for now I'm still fine-tuning details. The deadline to turn everything in is May 2nd. I will turn it in earlier. Just a few more forms to sign and a memo from John on the IRB exemption. Onward.

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