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saturday drive around

Another nice pozole brunch with Sandy, Anna, Knut and of course, pozole. Then we did a drive-around Austin looking for flying fields and then we had a lovely dinner at Asti Trattoria, climaxed by dark chocolate canoli. Oh Yum.
True Cofessions: I have not gone over my 497-page print out of the dissertation for pagination. I'm going to turn it in and if the ruler lady finds more inconsistencies, so be it. If she catches me I will fine tooth comb it, but she is the last person who will ever see it in this instantiation. I hope she will overlook any pagination problems that may remain. However, I think they are fixed. The PDFing took a slight toll on formatting and I hope she will not object to that either, since the diss went into the PDF with good formatting and good pagination. Am I getting a doctorate in PDFing and pagination, for heaven's sake? If the automated features are funky it shouldn't be a requirement to use them to perfection, especially if perfection cannot be reliably achieved, even with the help from the dissertation formatting swat team. That's my stance and I'm sticking to it and hope to get the to the next level or authorization and on to graduation!

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