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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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oil and watercolor
pinhole camera
abstract ATC watercolor with oil pastels

hockney rippling
oil slicks the glancing surface
irridescent sun

-- Resists -- I am making more of them.
tomorrow I will paint my red toenails kicking the turquoise pool waves.
-- Rush -- We are in a mad rush of content for the new web site at work. the small team has strongly bonded and we are turning out very good work quickly. I'm proud of everyone.
-- Resumed -- Knut just put my new CV on http://www.cyberopera.org/starbuck
-- Undercover -- tomorrow I go undercover for Polycot -- off to the country club to check out a Woman's Chamber of Commerce meeting. I'm going to wear the full black silk skirt I got from Grace, maybe Carol Little white embroidered stretch blouse and red shoes and bag, comfortably casual arty but not unbusinessy breath of So. of border. Jon printed up some quick business cards for the occasion. I'm feeling good to go to a meeting of ladies because I expect it will be more fun than the groups of techie guys usually at business gatherings. Don't get me wrong, techie guys are some of my best friends but they don't often giggle at gatherings. Then I can do the toenail pool painting.

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I love not having to write and edit all weekend! I will scan and post some of my weekend paintings. I'm on the lookout for other artists' blogs, please let me know if you know of any.

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