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2 days of bliss
pinhole camera
May 17, 2003 graduation, spectacular.
May 18, 2003 graduation party spectacular, flowers from everyone, pool splashed canonballs. Laughter, baby & kids, crooning crone philosopher, and cuddle with Knut. I am very lucky and happy.

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Michael Dell commencement speaker

As their future calls, a few words of advice

'Listen to your heart,' Dell tells UT's newest graduates
By Sharon Jayson
Sunday, May 18, 2003

Michael Dell dropped out of the University of Texas after his freshman year to make billions selling computers. Nineteen years later, as commencement speaker, he urged UT graduates to follow their dreams.

"I started as a UT biology major and soon realized that all those stacks of computer parts in my room were trying to tell me something," said Dell, wearing a traditional graduation cap and doctoral robe Saturday evening. "The key is to listen to your heart and let it carry you in the direction of your dreams."

Dell spoke to about 25,000 people gathered in the shadow of the UT Tower on the Main Mall for the 120th universitywide commencement. About half of the 7,076 eligible graduates chose to participate in the ceremony.

Dell, 38, chairman and chief executive officer of Dell Computer Corp., launched his business from his dorm room in 1984. He is the longest-tenured chief executive officer in the computer systems industry and was the youngest CEO to earn a Fortune 500 ranking. His company, based in Round Rock, has sales of more than $35 billion a year and employs more than 39,000 people worldwide.

He joked that even though his parents were in the audience, he was not coming home with a degree.

Some at the ceremony didn't think he was the best choice for commencement speaker. Katie Rutherford of Odessa, who received her bachelor's degree in history, said she had been ranting about it all day.

"I think that UT is a prestigious enough university to have gotten a more prestigious speaker than the local hometown millionaire," she said.

But UT President Larry Faulkner, introducing the commencement speaker, borrowed a line from the computer company's commercials: "Dudes, you're getting a Dell."

Faulkner also offered his own advice: "Graduates, bear in mind that Mr. Dell has only one-quarter of your UT education. Who knows how much better he and his company would be doing right now if he had stayed in school and finished his University of Texas degree?"

The night was steeped in the pageantry of UT graduation tradition. As the music played, graduates filed into their seats, smiling and waving and flashing the occasional hook 'em sign. Most wore traditional black caps and gowns, but some sported cowboy hats and even the occasional tiara.

With the Tower blazing orange, the evening ended with the singing of "The Eyes of Texas" and a spectacular fireworks display. A few champagne corks popped, too.

Just before the ceremony, Cynthia Horst juggled two cameras as family members posed with her daughter Jennifer, who earned a bachelor's degree in radio-television-film and another bachelor's in history.

Jennifer Horst is heading to Ireland and England after graduation. "There are no jobs here, so I'm going to try to work overseas," she said.

Giselle McInnis of Cedar Park is working as an investment consultant. She graduated in December with a degree in finance but said she wouldn't have missed this evening.

"I came back to do this ceremony," she said. "It's so beautiful and so special. It's a great way to end your college years."

congratulations again, Dr Honoria. Sounds like a fantastic way to end the Ph.D!

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