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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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How is the Internet like a forest?
pinhole camera
I am working with a small company called Polycot. The name comes from the term Polycotyledon, a plant which has more than two cotyledons (seed leaves). Many firs, spruces and pines are polycots. Polycots thrive in a wide range of climates, and are well suited to long term growth. Some of the largest plants on the earth, the California Redwoods, are polycots.

So I'd like to write about the term "polycot" as an apt name for this group who develop networks and do communications consulting for small businesses and non-profits.

How are networked environments like forests?
Is Live Journal a glade in the Internet woods?
How is Live Journal or any other node on the Internet a system of roots and branches, biosystems, undergrowth, fires?

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when i was a child, one of my favourite things to do (he, actually still a favourite activity although i don't get to do it much these days) was to go into the bush and collect bits and pieces. i'd take them home and lay them out on a table in patterns and marvel at how beautiful they were. LJ is my internet bush, and my friends are the beautiful bits and pieces i find there. :-)

Hi zhenzhi, you sound wonderfully attuned to nature. thank you for your thoughts on the forest of the Internet

We were driving by the IBM campus today and found a wonderful landscape using many kinds of conifers. this doesn't show the variety but does show the plantings: http://www.involution.com/images/ibmaustin01.jpg
Knut and I are going to take some digital photos of the various conifers for the Polycot site.

I bought a conifer book at 1/2 priced books. Now I am getting prepared to write the polycotyledon section of our site.

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