honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

Noon Dance

black swirling lines in a lavendar and gold frame

I gave this ATC, called "noon dance" to George today. It's a rendering of the fun feeling I experience in my mid-day NIA dance exercise classes on Tuesdays.

IC2 (Innovation Creativity Capital) at the University of Texas invited me to do an installation in their lobby. I am going to use several artist's trading cards, the value of which is based on a free barter system between artists. From each little card I will make an enlarged photocopy using the architect's copy machine at Kinko's on Bee Caves Road. The large, 3 feet instead of 3 inches, copy will be by default on low quality photocopy paper and will lack the quality of the little original. I will go over the large copy with layers of watercolor and oil pastel to make it another original. I will install them together in pairs, the little "freely exchanged" original on rag paper and deckle edges and the large copy. The price will be $1,000 purchased together as one piece. The name of the series is "economy of scale" and represents innovation technology creativity and yeah, capital. It will be interesting to see if anyone will buy one? Lots of business people pass through the lobby to whom economy of scale has much meaning. If they do buy one, then I will be transgressing mail art's adage that mail art and money don't mix. I will spend the dough on better documentation for the dissertation show.

I must say the Spurs game last night was disappointing, especially the beginning. The Nets were amazing right at the start. Jason Kidd was pretty amazing for the Nets. Now it's time for the Spurs to unleash more power, size, and strength. Tony Parker was lovely and nimble. David Robinson was majestic. Tim Duncan was magnifique. I don't mind a close game and a close series. Now it will be fine just to beat the Nets at full strength, mano a mano. Go Spurs!

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