honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

budget axed

Our department's budget was cut in half yesterday which will support the director and one other employee. The rest of the team will be unemployed come 31 August. It's really stressful. The team believes I can propose them into being funded for more time. We will surely try hard but we have not had good luck in the past. Now that our mission is clearer and our research is defined, the proposals can be more clear cut, and as a result more fundable, but three months is not a lot of time to come up with 150K. John has some good ideas for supporting the staff during the change by having resume consulting and giving us time off for interviews. I'm already looking for a post graduation job in my field of art as well as working on Polycot ideas.

Today I plan to write my composite syllabus and finish reading Virliio's new Art and Fear essays. I've also been looking through Betti's Drawing: A contemporary approach as a textbook for a drawing class syllabus but the library only had the 2nd edition and now it's in the 4th edition. I'd like to see the new addition. To buy it costs $75. I'm going to call around to the bookstores.

I will stop by Henry's and pay another installment on my layaway skirt. If I pay it off I can wear it to the Women's Chamber lunch tomorrow.

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