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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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futures haiku
pinhole camera
colorful watercolor painting wireless quilt from the futures lab panel

wireless quilt
chilled electric blanket
hot ideas charged

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i love the contrast between the freeflowing patchwork and the constrains of the haiku formula, and how you can make the same idea with the two. that's great! *hoping that i haven't misinterpreted!*.

Yes, there is a contrast there, glad you like it. There is also the restraint in the painting, post card sized with the 6 squares in each one. I love what you did to your house! It's lovely. Can we get view of the back such as the one the evil honoria might have?

Actually, looks like it might be a chili electric blanket?

actually, i was thinking of the chilled white wine on the table.

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