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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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new 10 hour job
pinhole camera
I have a new 10 hour/week job until Aug 5 writing a report on the game industry. The report is the result of some interesting reserch that is being conducted to plan education programs in the technical colleges that provide the game industry workforce.

Meanwhile I'm still aswarm with wasps in the house. There were 5 of them today and Bob says he will plug up any remaining holes.

I am seeking the best way to project manage my job search.
Too many details too little time. The new Letter Exchange came today! http://www.letter-exchange.com It's a perfect replica of the first Letter Exchange! Card stock cover and filled with interesting listings. I'm so happy to see it again. Naturally I read it cover to cover immediately. I also received two pieces of LEX mail.