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I had fun with the first weekend of my weekend job writing about the digital game industry. I'm glad it won't last long though. Working 2 jobs totalling 7 days a week is a bit of a shock to my system. According to Jeff Tunnel of Garage Games ...the gaming industry brought in $9.3 billion [in 2002?] -- one billion dollars -- yes, Dr. Evil -- one billion dollars more than U.S. box office receipts! ...gaming entertainment is driving a cross-over effect in which movie characters and their dramas are being transformed into video games. According to Goodmans Venture Group (2003) there are 19 Star Wars games, 7 Batman games, and 4 James Bond games with users Galore. Even more interesting -- video game stars are becoming movie stars -- Laura Croft now bounces across the silver screen, Resident Evil and Mortal Kombat charge from the computer screen into the big screens' theatre audiences. What does this massive gaming industry power, popularity, and user-base mean for Texas education and the workforce?

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