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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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Fried Green Tomato
pinhole camera
sketch of a crab on a green tomato in a frying pan on a fire

New Iberia
Louisiana fried green
tomato and crab

When in New Iberia, LA don't miss the crab stuffed fried green tomatos at Clemintine's!!!!
Oh Yum!

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YUM!!!!! although it's not likely i'll be in new iberia anytime soon :-(

I always love it when you post your art... you have a fantastic sense of colour.

Thanks for the encouragement last week on the phd front--my goal is to finish the biography section by tomorrow. My birthday's coming up in a few weeks and I'm aiming to have that and another section done by then if at all possible.

break it into doable chunks

Yes, that's the spirit. I wake up every day still thinking "Wow! I don't have to write a dissertation today!" I wake up looking for jobs which is another kind of highly demanding work but more predictable. You can get the dissertation done by reflecting on and envisioning your final product then identifying all the steps that must be taken to get to the final product. Assign a reasonable date to each step, achieve these mini-deadlines and check off the steps. Now that you have reached a point in your research path where you have an overview of your collected data, you can actually figure out the steps toward completion. Before the research phase is completed you can't determine the actual steps toward organizing it and telling its story. Now you are on the final lap! go go go!

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