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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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Knut's Birthday Pozole
pinhole camera
honoria and knut say hello
Here we are celebrating Knut's birthday at a Mexican Restaurant called El Sol e La Luna where we go every Saturday. Photo by Sandy Stone. Text bubbles by Knut.

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If anyone ever doubted it, please let me be the first to assure you that the two of you are cool as a comic strip!

thanks ... and we laugh at each other's jokes too.

G'DAY! what a lovely post card. :-)

Long time no see...

Hi Honoria,

I ran across your site searching for Austin web logs. I worked with you on the Philip Glass project a few years ago. If you have trouble placing my face, I've got a picture (http://www.cookiecrook.com/img/air.jpg). I'm in the white shirt. My web log is cookiecrook.com (http://www.cookiecrook.com/).

I also know Knut from when I used to work at frog design. Tell him I said hi and happy birthday!

James Craig

Re: Long time no see...

Hi James!
Thanks for writing. I hope you are doing well. I'll drop in on your weblog soon and check it out. Right now it's lunch time:-)

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