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strange moment in traffic

It's a day of much laundry. I was in 5 o'clock traffic waiting at a red light in Westlake Hills to take my dry cleaning to Rick's. I have no idea what I was actually thinking -- maybe daydreaming about all the details involved in moving back to Florida and wishing my car air conditioning worked in 100 degree heat. Suddenly the door of the car in front of me opened and a soldier in crisply ironed fatigues jumped out and came up to my window and said, "You are very pretty but you don't look happy." I was shocked! I laughed and said, "Actually I am quite happy, I was just thinking." Then he dashed back into his car and the light turned green and he drove off and I turned into Rick's parking lot.

This instant window contact reminds me of the several times when I attend a party and mention something that's happened in my life and the person I'm talking to says, "Oh yeah, I read about that in your blog." That's also a bit of a shock since I don't routinely have many comments on this little record of honoria in cyberspace.

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