honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

Ringling transition manager and toenails

I'm very excited because I received a fantastic letter from Ringling => they are changing their search for a director of the multimedia lab because they changed the concept of multimedia to the "Center for Innovation and Collaboration!" Has that got my name all over it or what? They are delaying the search for the director and are now looking for a temporary Transition Manager to conceptualize and develop a plan for the Center to work with an advisory team to clarify vision goals objectives and operational procedures -- does that not ALSO have my name written all over it?

They also want someone who has experience in art environments with a variety of visual art and design disciplines and previous experience with grant writing, public relations, and managing shared resources. Me me me I do all that oh so well!

There are jobs out there that can leverage my unique skillsets of action research combined with art. I am working on my letter of application and then working on the Columbia post doc application. I AM going to take time out to redo my toenails.

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