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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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article art accessibility and surreal vines growing
pinhole camera
My article about using grounded theory methods to research living art movements passed the first editing pass at the CAA Art Journal. Now it's in the hands of the executive editor. Getting in my first peer reviewed journal would be a huge step forward in my academic job hunt process. Now I want to write the article on the results of the diss.

Also I started attending John's class on Web Accessibility with a goal to make the new wing of EMMA accessible. John got invited to the Museums and the Web conference and he is going to suggest that I be invited as a speaker on art accessibility for the Web.

I am turning out several fun wine labels for the competition in Italy - deadline 15 September. I've started adding some mail arty and surreal images to the grapes done in oil pastels, paint sticks, pencil and watercolor.